The Barkley Difference

Identity Preserved Grain – The Barkley Seed Benchmark

Barkley Seed handles and sells Identity Preserved grain produced from Certified Seed.

Because we produce grain in a very controlled setting, our customers have come to expect consistency. All of our Identity Preserved grains are sold exclusively by their variety. Preserving the identity of our grain ensures that the quality and characteristics of each variety are retained.

Second Nature Research

Barkley Seed sells and grows Second Nature Research® varieties of wheat and barley. This partnership allows us to scrutinize new varieties from their conception in research nurseries, to the final product in the field, through harvest, and on to our customers.

Starting with Certified Seed, which is the last in a series of monitored seed production generations, our Identity Preserved Grain Program has been established by breeders at SNR through selection and time. It’s a lengthy, time-intensive project, but well worth the effort.

All commercial certified seed production is done on a contractual basis. Our seed production representatives meet with farmers to establish growing agreements and schedules for upcoming seasons. Throughout the growing season we remain actively involved in monitoring quality, timing and production. During harvest, we ensure the variety and generation are securely preserved for future seed buyers.

Grain production is done on a contractual basis as well. Growers purchase our Certified Seed and agree to grow a contracted amount of grain acreage for the upcoming season. The purchased grain is then received by variety and stored on an Identity Preserved basis at our facilities according to variety.


We Certify It!


At Barkley Seed we monitor all of our products from even before the time the seed is planted to the time it is harvested.

Careful logistical planning on the part of the Operations Division here at Barkley Seed has allowed us to monitor all of our products from seed breeding through grain delivery.