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Seed Varieties

At Barkley Seed, we believe that in order to produce high quality grain, production must first start with high quality Certified Seed. Our commercial seed stock is produced in a very controlled setting. Since we are committed to providing you with a superior product, we carry and produce proprietary varieties of Second Nature Research and Highland Specialty.

Quality Control Program

Throughout the growing season from planting to harvest, all Certified Seed fields are rigorously inspected by Barkley Seed personnel, with final inspection and approval being performed by Arizona Crop Improvement Association (A.C.I.A.) representatives. Our inventory of planting seed is subjected to a series of in-house quality control tests. Our final inspection involves sending samples to an AOSCA-approved seed testing lab for germ and purity. Only seed exhibiting exceptional characteristics will be offered to customers.

Bermuda, Sudan and Alfalfa Seed

Barkley Seed can meet your Bermuda grass, Sudan and Alfalfa Seed needs. We now offer custom cleaning and through our network of industry contacts, we can source and market your field seeds.