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Hard Amber Durum

Second Nature Research varieties of Durum have exceptional milling and processing characteristics sought after by pasta makers throughout the world. By maintaining the identities of our premium quality durum we can provide a superior, stable product with excellent end-use qualities for pasta manufacturers.

Hard Red Wheat

Over the years, Barkley Seed has developed an impressive Identity Preserved Hard Red Wheat program. Barkley Seed was the first company to introduce private varieties of grain to California flour mills. The exceptional end use properties of WestBred Red Wheat varieties has provided these flour mills with a much-desired, stable product. Much of our Hard Red Wheat production occurs in the fertile San Joaquin Valley.

Common Desert Durum

In an effort to provide full service to our customers, Barkley Seed also offers Common U.S. No. 1 Hard Amber Durum. Our Common Desert Durum is housed separately from the premium, Identity Preserved varieties. This inventory is also available for shipment throughout the world.


Seed supplies for Highland Specialty Grain varieties of barley are available through Barkley Seed . Much of our barley production takes place in the rich regions of southwest Arizona. An extensive inventory of premium quality grain is always maintained in order to meet your needs.


In addition to Second Nature Research small grains, Barkley Seed is also your source for commercial varieties of high quality safflower as well as premium quality safflower birdseed. Our safflower is cleaned and ready to be packaged according to your specifications.