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Grain Sales

Over the years, Barkley Seed has been meeting and exceeding the needs of its customers both large and small in the international and U.S. markets.

We are able to maintain this standard of excellence by custom tailoring our breeding and production programs around the needs of our growers, millers and end users. Knowing that grain works differently in various mill and processing settings, we feel that the services and options we provide our customers are unequivocally unique. Our service-oriented approach has resulted in the generation of our motto, “What can we do for you?”

We specialize in Identity Preserved Grain. Some of the commodities we handle include:

  • Desert Durum
  • Hard Red Winter Wheat
  • Safflower
  • Barley

For additional information on Grain Sales please contact:

Michael Edgar
President, Barkley Seed, Inc.
PO Box 5540
Yuma, AZ 85366
(928) 782-2571 Phone
(928) 782-4656 Fax
Email: Medgar(at)

For additional information on Specialty Grain Sales, please contact:

Alan Rubida
P.O. Box 5540
Yuma, Arizona 85366
(928) 782-2571 Phone
(928) 782-4656 Fax
Email Address: arubida(at)