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Barkley Seed specializes in meeting the needs of growers throughout the West. In addition to cereals and warm season grasses, the advent of Brown Mid-Rib sorghum/sudans has brought renewed interest to Barkley and its affiliates.

In recognizing the trends established in brown mid-rib research, Barkley Seed has identified the newest technology suited to the growers of California and Arizona. The Grassroots version of BMR’s have been selected for the Added Value traits of improved yield and standability, along with high digestibility and low lignin content. This affords growers the best genetics suited for their growing conditions.

Barkley Seed has also invested many resources in studying the agronomic practices required for maximizing productivity. Seeding rates, fertility and harvest schedules have all been researched to help growers increase their feed production of the newest technology BMR products.