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Barkley Seed, Inc. Acquires Desert Durum Wheat Research Program

YUMA, AZ – Barkley Seed, Inc. today announced its acquisition of the Desert Durum Wheat Research Program (the “Desert Durum Program”) from Monsanto Company. The Desert Durum Program has a long history of producing high quality, identity-preserved durum wheat seed for planting in the desert Southwest.

“We’re glad to get the program back,” said Michael Edgar, President of Barkley Seed. “We know Desert Durum very well and believe it will continue to be an important crop in our region.”

Originally conducted by an affiliate of Barkley Seed, the Desert Durum Program was sold to Monsanto Company in the summer of 2009. Since that time, the Desert Durum Program has been successfully conducted by WestBred, a division of Monsanto.