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Barkley Seed, Inc.

For close to three decades, Barkley Seed has been committed to providing its customers with high quality grains for Identity Preserved markets. This commitment has made us leaders in the market.

Barkley Seed has facilities in Yuma, AZ, Roll, AZ, Wellton, AZ, Goodyear, AZ, Brawley CA and Visalia, CA. The abundance of water from the mighty Colorado River and the year round sunshine in our region has created optimum growing conditions for premium quality grain and seed. This allows Barkley Seed to specialize in producing quality durum wheat, red wheat, forage wheat, triticale, barley seed, forage oats, alfalfa seed, bermuda grass seed and sudan grass seed.

Barkley Seed also partners with selected growers throughout the United States to increase production. Quality production is paramount to the consistency of our premium lines of seed and grain. Barkley customers are guaranteed that the grain and seed they purchase will be of the most consistent, premium quality available anywhere in the world.